About Us!

I, Sarita Smith, am the proud owner of Passion Paw Paws Pet Sitting Service that was formally established in 2010. I have owned pets ever since the day I was born, literally. The pets I have had throughout the years have been Cats, Dogs, Fish, Hamsters, Birds, Turtles and a Rabbit. I have always had an affinity for caring for animals.

My first rescue was a white Persian cat named Snowflake. She had been abandoned by her owners. I loved her so much and looked after her for many years. She would lay peacefully on my chest every night to go to sleep. I have also saved a few kittens that were found in the overgrown field next to my homestead, not to mention the countless other stories my mother could tell you. I’m very well known at my job for loving animals as well. One day, someone had abandoned a kitten off outside our business. It was very dirty and malnourished. No one wanted to touch it so they called me. I picked it up and took it inside with me, gave some water to the kitten and found a box and used a company blanket to provide warmth. I would have taken the kitten but I had a tough time negotiating with my landlord for two cats I currently had (bless him). I don't think he would have stood for a third… :o(

I have always had animals in my life! Currently I own two cats; one is a male long-haired Persian Exotic named Misho and the other is a female Persian Chinchilla named Keiko.  I, along with my mother Ruth Bremar, established this company as a response to a growing need we have personally experienced.

During the day, my occupation is an IT programmer/analyst. My job would send me off to different jurisdictions for periods of time to work. During this time I relied heavily on my mother to take care of my pets while I was aboard – boarding was not an option. However, during one of my trips my mother was also flying abroad during the same time. What could be done in this case? Every pet service I saw, in the phone book or by word of mouth, only dealt with dogs. I had to ask one of my friends to do it, but I felt embarrassed to tell him everything I would like him to do while I was away so I left some things out :o(

That is how the idea of Passion Paw Paws developed. Now, whatever type of pet you have (whether furry or scaly) they can be taken care of in the exact fashion you desire. I’m certified by the Red Cross in New York for Pet First Aid and the MOST important thing is that I love Love LOVE animals. Life took me in a different direction then the veterinary doctor I dreamed about being in primary school, but that has never stopped me from the passion I share for animals.

My goal is to make your pets as content and comfortable as possible while you are away. Join the Passion Paw Paws family and let me make this goal the promise we share.